Friday, January 18, 2008

Selamat Tinggal Star

Terlalu cepat masa berlalu...rasenye baru semalam berdaftar ke star...sedar x sedar hari ni adalah hari terakhir buat ku di star...
Syukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana aku telah berjaya melanjutkan pelajaran ke Maktab Tentera Diraja...Maktab memang telah menjadi impian ku sejak darjah lima lagi...sememangnye ku x dpt menolak apabila ditawarkan ke sana...
Namun semua itu memerlukan sebuah pengorbanan yang amat besar...sekolah dan kengkawan yang disayangi terpaksa ditinggalkan...


Thinking of all my friends,

I've had in the past.
Never thought that one goodbye,
Would have to be the last.

They slowly disappear,
With that one last goodbye.
Why can't it all begin again,
With that one simple "Hi."?

How to get trough this
Time goes by,
Day by day,
Hoping the friends I have,
Are always here to stay.

But that can't happen,
Nothing lasts forever.
Not even when,
We wrote on ours hands,
Bests friends forever.

I wanna take back time,
To repeat all the memories,
I have once had.
Do you remember those times,
When you used to play that silly game,

Scraped knees,
Meaningless cries,
Who would thought,
This friendship would ever die?

Thinking of the future,
And what it holds for me.
Wishin to keep the friends I have,
But who knows, maybe, we'll see.

I wish I still had those friends,
I had once knew.
Always there for you,
Even to tie your shoe.

The laughs,
The crys,
The pain,
Last goodbyes.

So now I want to say,
To all those I once knew,
Someday I'll be there,
Right by your side,
Just like it was,
Before it all died.

Add on to those memories,
That we still hold.
Adding on to them,
Until we get old.

We'll one day,
Look back and smile,
But please don't leave me again,
Stay alil longer than awhile