Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Happened in 2010..!!

Its been a wonderful year..
A lot happened..
Here are some of those..
  • 4 month++ school free life
  • receive my driving licence
  • my first car damage..sorry mom..
  • .it's called diesel driving
  • job hunting..didn't get it though..
  • scholarship hanging..almost fall to pieces..
  • 1st face-to-face interview..Sime Darby..fuhh
  • went to pre-U
  • Living the campus life
  • bought a laptop
  • the world cup
  • 1st time performing on stage with my guitar
  • turn 18..hmmm..
  • my 1st touch screen phone-birthday present
  • movie 4 at least 2 movie a maniac..+..1st time in 3D
  • learn programing
  • playing softball again
  • ice skating 4 the 1st time
  • went to KL International Motor Show
  • 1st time went to OP-PP games as an OP
  • Gunung Datuk..done
  • Bukit Kutu..done
  • Malaysia won the Suzuki cup
  • celebrating new year at KLCC
well that's what i could recall so far..
told u it was wonderful..
hoping this 2011 could give me much more..